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Ottawa Bankruptcy TrusteesThe Ottawa Bankruptcy Trustees site was written by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, in plain straightforward English to provide everything you must know, so you can make an informed decision on how best to get a fresh financial start.

You will learn:

What a bankruptcy and consumer proposal costs, and how long you will be in bankruptcy;

What you can keep in Ontario;

What you can keep in Quebec:

What debts are erased;

How bankruptcy works and:

How consumer proposals work.

There are some immediate advantages gained when a person files bankruptcy or a consumer proposal:

  • Your unsecured creditors are prevented, by law, from taking any collection action against you;
  • Collection calls stop;
  • Interest stops accruing on the debt;
  • Garnishees in place or contemplated stop.

You can set your mind at ease when dealing with a trustee in bankruptcy:

  • Trustees are regulated by the Federal Government, including fees, so it will cost the same no matter which trustee in Canada you use;
  • Trustees are the most well educated and trained debt professions in Canada, with most having both an accounting designation and a university degree:
  • In addition every trustee must take and pass a rigorous three year bankruptcy and law course and be investigated by the RCMP before being granted a trustee licence.
  • Ongoing professional development is mandatory.

You will find our trustees very skillful, caring and experienced bankruptcy trustees, who will work with you to find the best solution.   They will explain your rights and your options, including bankruptcy, proposals and debt counselling.

We know that asking for help with financial difficulties is a very difficult step. Our trustees are very experienced in helping people with their financial difficulties and understand how difficult this step can be. Don’t be discouraged, there are solutions. You do not have to solve the problems on your own.

Our trustees take a very practical, non-judgmental, personalized approach to solving financial difficulties. They believe that everyone is entitled to a fresh financial start.  Many people are able to avoid bankruptcy if they deal with their financial difficulties early enough.

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